About us

Earsquared offers “free-ear” listening solutions for working, walking, playing, sleeping ... in comfort and safety.

Earsquared was born in 2016 from the meeting between a Belgian ENT and a French engineer.

Their goal was to free people from all the constraints of wearing traditional headsets.


We take care of your listening comfort.

Today, people need to be connected more and more often and for a long time. However, millions of people suffer from wearing headphones or earbuds.

Because we believe our ears aren't meant to be plugged, we wanted to offer people a new audio alternative to stop :

- The ear-pains due to pressure on the eardrum or on the outer cartilage of the ear.

- The irritation of the eardrum due to maceration of the earpiece.

- The hearing loss due to sound pressure delivers too close to the eardrum.

- The risks associated with traffic isolation.

- The isolation from those around you (colleague, friends, family...).


Our first product

We also designed EarCITY to be trendy, light, not bulky (it is foldable) and more discreet.


And all this while keeping good sound quality.

Comfort was also for us to obtain a good sound quality without unpleasant sensations of vibrations.

Through directional air conduction, we have succeeded in offering the best open ear product.